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Unless you have been in a dark cupboard recently you will know that we won the Gaelic schools choir competition for the second year in a row! The children performed beautifully and were very patient during some long waits! The winning poster entries are always displayed on the library walls at the approach to the main entrance to BCC and we were delighted to see that Sam Lean won third prize for his!

We were really delighted that the photo below was printed in The Courier -  watch out for our photo and short article in the "Atholl Quair". Well done everybody!



Holly and Emily Richardson have successfully passed assessments in dance, horse care and riding! Holly's certificate has Dame Darcy Bussell's signature on it and Emily also got two very smart pin-badges as well as her certificates!

Here are the girls with their awards - very well done to them both!




Rebecca continues to go from strength to strength in her archery - here she is with her latest round of awards! Don't forget archery is on here at the school every Thursday from 6-7 p.m. - open to any pupil 9 years or older.

The senior class took part in a Young Writers poetry competition before the holidays and we were delighted to hear that Emily Richardson's poem "Unicorn, Unicorn" was selected for publication! Very well done Emily - you are now a published author!

Some of the other children had a big surprise when they received certificates of commendation for their poems, from the organisers.



Well done to Eve Griffiths who wont he chance to switch on Pitlochry town Christmas lights, through her winning art competition entry!


Lots of congratulations to groups of pupils who have done well in:

  • MacMillan Cancer relief fundraising - three of our pupils, Holly, Eve and Katie, held a bake-sale and raised over £200!
  • Emily in P6, who achieved grade 3 horse care at Knockdarroch Farm
  • Finlay in P5, successfully auditioned for a role as a "Chief Munchkin" in Pitlochry Theatre's Christmas show, The Wizard of Oz!


We were delighted to elect new Prefects for the coming year. The three pupils in P7 shared the personal skills they thought would make them  good prefects and then made this commitment:

 " I agree that I will do my best to show that I can be fair; well-behaved; helpful and work hard, showing other children the best way to get the most from school. I will set the best example I can in the way I speak and behave towards others, as a senior pupil should."


On 8th June 2018, we all went to the Local Mod in Aberfeldy to take part in the choral competition for the first time ever. Some of our senior oupils also participated in the individual poetry sections so travelled earlier with Mr George. As we arrived at the school, there was Catriona's poster in first place on display on the glass walls of the library!

We met up with our seniors, had our lunch and then made our way to the auditorium where it was very busy indeed. however that did not faze our pupils and  we were absolutely delighted to come first, with 90 and 88 points out of 100 for music and Gaelic scores respectively. We won not one but two beautiful silver trophies which we will proudly display til next year - and then return to defend our title !

The children will sing at our Celebration of Success next week, where we will be delighted to have all our pupils with us, as some were unable to join us on Mod day.

Here is a photo of our singers with those two trophies!



Hats off to two of our senior pupils!


Emily Ryan  arrived at school, holding an envelope which contained £150! No, it wasn't extra pocket money! Emily raised this money for school funds by running a baking stall at her Uncle's recent art exhibition. Who would have thought that this amazing amount of money could be raised just from cakes (delicious ones at that!)The money will be used to help fund a polytunnel. Thank you Emily!

A week later, Emily's Great-Uncle held an impromptu plant sale at our school gate and raised an incredible £114, again for our school funds. Our thanks to Mr Farron - and all his customers!

Later in the week, Holly Griffiths heard that her design for a special type of litter bin has been shortlisted in the STEM awards and her design was put on display in the Barony Hall in Glasgow over a period of two days. Holly's special design includes a compressor which will squash the existing rubbish in a bin, so that more can be put in. We hope to show Holly's design here, once it is returned to her. She and her family went to view it one day after school! Well done Holly!




Millie was recently shortlisted for the finals of the  Cairngorms Art Competition, for her beautiful painting of Scheihallion. We hope this will inspire her and others to keep practicing those art skills!



It's awards galore, as  four of our pupils participated in sporting events! Catriona, Orlah and Eve all took part in the "Balmoral Run" winning medals for their efforts. The girls seem to have a strong ability for distance running! meanwhile Rebecca won yet more medals to add to her collection - in an outdoor archery competition she won gold! Well done all!



Well done to Rebecca Robinson who won a medal and lovely certificate for a Scottish Target and Field Archery Association competition recently. Here is Rebecca with her goodies - why don't you ask her more about her skills?



Primary pupils successfully made their "Christmas cakes in a baked bean tin!" as an extra Christmas gift this year1 It sounded such a novel idea that class teachers bought the ingredients and then with a bit of help from Mrs Duff, the children followed the recipe to make the mixture and then piled it into - literally! - a small baked bean tin! The smell was lovely as it wafted through the hall and then cakes were marzipan-ed, iced and decorated. Meanwhile, pupils made up cube-shaped boxes, following a "net", which they also decorated. A little label finished it off and here are some of our pupils with their finished boxes, with cakes tucked inside! Jamie is holding an unwrapped cake to show off how lovely they looked! Well done everyone!




Nursery pupils have now joined in with the "Daily Mile" - although for little legs it takes a bit longer! Here are some of the children with older "buddies" to show them how it's done. From this week though, the children will be taking different routes round the village, to see what they can see while keeping fit!




 We were delighted to spot Holly's and Eve's gaelic posters on display in the community library as we entered Breadalbane Community Campus for the Mod back in June! The girls won 3rd and 1st places respectively for their wonderful designs. Miss McPhee was very proud of them and so are we! Here they are with their posters!



   The "waste awareness" team thank everybody for our school's contributions to the grey recycling bin (small weee) made to the total of 0.1 tonnes of recyclable waste collected in April- June. This is approximately the weight of a baby elephant!





Kimberley just after receiving her gold medal in the 2014 Glasgow games.

What a super time we had when judo Commonwealth gold medallist Kimberley Renicks, came to our school and after a fitness circuit, spoke most inspirationally about her journey to become one of the world's top judokas. We were expecting her sister Louise, but for unforeseen reasons she could not come, but we were delighted to welcome Kimberley in her place. Kimberley reminded us that she won her medal 45 minutes before her sister (not that she's competitive!). It was quite a treat to hold a real gold medal! Our pupils had compiled questions for her and Alex managed to capture a moment in  the fitness circuit with our ipad. Kimberley explained that she does similar exercises to strengthen her whole body ready for tournaments - our wee legs were wobbly after a few minutes! Our sincere and grateful thanks to everyone who worked so hard to raise sponsor money. From the total raised, a proportion of the money went to our athlete; part went to the organisation who support other un-funded athletes and for admin costs and we received a welcome £354 into our school funds! This really was a unique event and the children felt they learned a great deal about being a sporting champion and of how grit, determination, sheer hard work and an absolute conviction to succeed can get you anything you wish to achieve - messages they will carry over into their work at school and indeed, their own lives and form a huge part of the health and wellbeing curriculum. 

Our pupils were al able to point to something Kimberley's visit taught them - whether it was how to persevere when the going gets tough , or how small changes can make a big difference to fitness and wellbeing!